Rallies Across America

I will be using this page to post rallies across America until other sites are set up.


Houston police called to protest calling for Obama impeachment

The signs are a part of a national movement called Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment that has been placing the signs on overpasses over busy freeways.

HPD spokesman John Cannon says that officers were called, but the unannounced protest was peaceful by all accounts, with no arrests made.




Many people seem to be confused by the current protest schedules. There will be an Nationwide protest scheduled later in the year. This nationwide effort is called “The Wave” and will handled by the state coordinators and Admins. The protest that are being held now are to gain national attention in the public and the press. It is our goal to have thousands protest during “The Wave” so please get involved with your local groups and prepare for the largest event of the year, lets influence the voting in 2014 by educating the public and sending an loud and clear message to D.C. We the people will not be silenced and we will hold those accountable who have committed crimes against the American people. Ann Whitten, Coordinator, State of Alabama.


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